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Phone System Help

Change Greeting Mail Box Remotely

* Call Business Number
* Press #
* Dial Ext. 101 or 1001 etc
* Dial "72"
* Dial "6"
* Dial "01" = Table 01
* Dial "2"
Enter Mail Box you want to activate ex 001, 002, 003
Note: To change back Follow this from the begining. 

Recording Mailbox Greetings Using an Optional Voice Mail Card

Recording an Automated Attendant
(Instruction Menu Greeting) Message 001 through 032
 From the default extension (101)
press the "soft key" under the VM display on the LCD screen
Wait for it to answer
Dial "SA" [72] to reach the System Administrator options
Dial [4] to select the Instruction Menus option
When prompted , enter the Call Routing Mailbox number 001 through 032
Press  [5] to listen to the current Instruction Menu (if any)
Press [7] to record a new Instruction MenuHecord message (i.e. " Thank you for calling ABC Co. if you know your party 's extension ... ")·
Press [5] to listen to what you've just recordedi.f you're happy with your greeting , hang-up
If not, press  [7] (Record Again)

Recording Virtual Extension Greetings

From any extension:
Lift the handset
Dial "3999"
You will hear "please enter the mailbox number "Dial the Department Group Number (i.e. 250 through 265)...
Dial [4] (Greeting)
Dial " 1" (Greeting 1)
Dial [7] to record  
Dial [5] to listen and Hang up to exit

​Recording a Personal Mailbox Greeting 

From your Extension
Press the "soft key" under the VM display on the LCD screen
Lift the handset
Dial [4] (Greeting) 
Dial " 1" (Greeting 1)
Dial [7] to record (i.e. "Hi this is Tina I'm on my phone or away from my desk ...")
Dial [5] to listen
Hang up to exit

​Recording your Mailbox Name and Extension

From your  Extension
Press the "soft key" under the VM display on the LCD screen 
Lift the handset 
Dial [76] (Record Name) 
Dial [7] to record (i.e. "Tina Smith, extension 101")Dial "L" [5] to listen 
Hang up to exit

​How to Check Mailbox Messages from Outside your Office

From Outside Office
Dial your office phone number
Wait for your office main greeting to answer...
Dial Pound Key [#] plus your extension number (i.e. #101 for mailbox 101) 
Or Dial Pound Key [#] plus your virtual extension number (i.e. #250-265 when applicable) 
You 're now at your mailbox 
Listen and follow the mailbox direction prompts
​Hang up to exit